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Turntable Services

Car Turntables

20' Round Automobile Large Turntable

16' Automobile Large Turntable

16' x 8' Automobile Large Turntable

12' Round Automobile Turntable

8' x 8' Automobile Turntable

* Automobile and Car Turntable Specs



Hidden Car Turntable

Not like any other turntable.

This hidden car turntable is less than 1 foot tall

* Hidden Automobile Turntable Specs




Motorcycle Turntable

18" Motorcycle Turntable

42" Round Motorcycle Turntable

8' x 8' Motorcycle Turntable

* Motorcycle Turntable Specs




Rotating Product Display / Product Turntable

Also known as Rotating Product Display or VFX Model Mover

3/4" Rotating Product Display or Turntable

18" Rotating Product Display or Turntable

42" Rotating Product Display or Turntable

Can fabricate any size turntable top for this product display.

* Rotating Product Display Specs


Rotating Stage - Rotating Platform - Rotating Floor

All sizes rotating stage tops available

Rotating stage height adjustable

* Rotating Stage - rotating Platform Specs



Rotating and Revolving Floors

Commercial grade rotating floors

Turntables: all sizes, custom control systems, custom platforms.

Highest quality

Heavy-duty / durable

Residential and Commercial rotating floors

* Rotating Floor - Revolving Floor Specs


Industrial Turntables

Industrial Turntables: all sizes, custom mounts, custom platforms.

Highest quality

Heavy-duty / durable

Perfect for factories and architecture


Turntable and rotating display Custom Design and Fabrication

Our Turntable designers and fabricators will work with you to build any turntable platform or skirt.

In fact, designers and fabricators are in-house and available to build any precise rotating floor - spinning turntable or apparatus that you might need.


We only use the very highest quality materials for our turntables and rotating displays: aerospace grade 6061 aluminum with stainless steel fasteners. For our mechanical components we drew from our experience, aerospace technology and the latest in industrial automation tools.

All products made in the U.S.A.



Electric Powered Car with Motion control Crane

50 mph electric car with a detachable motion control camera crane

Like all of our products, this camera car is absolutely programmable, repeatable and reliably rock steady at all speeds

This camera car is the first environmental and animal friendly camera car


* Electric Powered Car Specs



Turntable Control Options

Programmable Software, Computer and new Hand-held controls for product turntables, automobile turntables, rotating stages and rotating displays. The Precision Turntable control system all works together, is user friendly and is available for every job at no additional charge.


NEW HAND-Held Control Option for Turntables and Rotating Displays

These new hand-held controls put you in complete control! You can use these controls for live action or to work with our turntable operators to show us exactly how you want your turntable programmed to move. Finally, motion control that is user friendly.

Yes, our turntables are also adaptable to the Kuper System.









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